Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fiberglass Windows Gaining Popularity

Fiberglass windows have been around for sometime now, but are only recently gaining serious momentum. Fiberglass windows, typically use pultruded profiles for the frames; and since the frames and windows are both essentially made of glass, they expand and contract at the same rate, this creates a longer life window. Less gaps are created between the glass and frame, creating a tighter seal with efficiency gains. Additionally, aluminum window frames, which are conductive, generally are not as energy efficient as fiberglass windows.

The Janurary/February 2010 issue of This Old House, reports that:
"While sales of windows sank 18 percent overall last year, the market for fiberglass models shot up 9.4 percent. Experts attribute the bump to consumers' growing familiarity with the material and that, unlike vinyl, the pricier fiberglass fiberglass is as printable as wood and lasts longer since it expands and contracts with window glass."
Fiberglass windows will likely continue to gain market share as advances in pultrusion resin systems, such as urethane, will lead to higher quality products with increased energy efficiency.

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Photo Credit: JAGwired via flicker

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