Thursday, January 14, 2010

What composite materials are people looking for?

The search giant Google probably knows more about composite materials then anyone in the world. That, and they probably know who in the world is the most interested in composite materials. There is an interesting tool called Google Trends. This little tool allows the public to see what topics are being searched, and their location. This can provide some market insight into where certain composite technologies are finding global interest.

For example, let us look at a composite material terms, and the top five geographical locations people are searching for information. The blue bars to the right are a graphical view of the total number of searches for that particular term.

1. Chennai, India

2. Mumbai, India

3. Delhi, India

4. Seattle, WA, USA

5. Montreal, Canada

Carbon Fiber
1. San Diego, CA, USA

2. Irvine, CA, USA

3. Los Angeles, CA, USA

4. Sacramento, CA, USA

5. Orlando, FL, USA

Carbon Fibre
1. Canberra, Australia

2. Perth, Australia

3. Adelaide, Australia

4. Brisbane, Australia

5. Bletchley, United Kingdom

1. Tampa, FL, USA

2. Orlando, FL, USA

3. Portland, OR, USA

4. St Louis, MO, USA

5. Seattle, WA, USA

1. Bremen, Germany

2. Toulouse, France

3. Hamburg, Germany

4. Paris, France

5. Zurich, Switzerland

1. Seattle, WA, USA

2. St Louis, MO, USA

3. Phoenix, AZ, USA

4. Los Angeles, CA, USA

5. Washington, DC, USA

1. Mumbai, India

2. Delhi, India

3. Montreal, Canada

4. Bogota, Colombia

5. Madrid, Spain

Filament Winding
1. Tehran, Iran

2. Mumbai, India

3. Delhi, India

4. Milan, Italy

5. London, United Kingdom

You get the idea... It is really quite fascinating to see what parts of the world are interested in what segment of composite materials. It seems Iran is extremely interested in filament winding; I wonder if homeland security is aware of this?

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