Monday, October 26, 2009

Boron Fiber - Superior to Carbon

There are those who think carbon fiber is the strongest reinforcing fiber available, but they are mistaken. Boron fiber, a far superior fiber to carbon, is underutilized due to being 6 times more expensive. Here is an interesting article discussing the manufacturing of Boron Fibers in the USA. The article states:

"Aerospace applications built this business. Boron fiber is used for structural reinforcement or repair of the F-15 fighter, B-1 bomber, Black Hawk helicopter, space shuttle and Predator.

The material also found its way into high-end golf clubs, skis, hockey sticks, fishing rods and Tour de France bike frames. Formula One, for competitive reasons, largely banned its use, says Treasure. Only the wealthiest teams could afford it."

Photo Credit: orphanjones via flicker

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