Monday, June 22, 2009

Boeing Workers - Playing with Composite Materials

As colleges attempt to prepare students for real world jobs in growing industries, many schools are now offering courses in renewable energy, turbine blade manufacturing, and composite materials.

It is interesting to hear that Edmonds Community College in the Everett, Washington area is offering multiple composite material construction classes. In one such class, students have the opportunity to construct a composite snowboard by hand. Ironically, many Boeing workers, some of which work on the new 787 Dreamliner, are enrolled in this composite course.

Feeling a touch of envy, I checked with my local higher education institutions to find zero oportunties for similar composite material related courses. This is surprising, as the San Diego has 3 large Universities (UCSD, USD, & SDSU) and multiple community colleges.

Colleges around the country should take note, as composite manufacturing skills are increasing in demand. (I am guessing there are a few job searching art history and communcation majors wishing they took these courses)

Read the article: HearldNet

Photo Credit: Forcefeed

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