Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Biomimicry Adhesives

Composites, which are often structurally bonded with adhesives, are always looking for a better product. So when adhesive researchers need inspiration, what better place to look then nature (Biomimicry). Some researchers have looked at shellfish, such as how mussels are able to adhere so well to wet rocks in a turbulent environment.

However, recent research is looking into the sandcastle worm. This little guy builds his home on the ocean floor by gluing grains of sand together. Not only is this adhesive extremely strong, but it is cured underwater, a feat humans are yet to accomplish. Most adhesives cure requiring a drying process, and if scientists can better understand how the sandcastle worm works, a whole new generation of sythetic adhesive products could be developed.

Beyond creating a better adhesive for composites, a structural adhesive able to cure underwater has numerous uses in marine applications and medical uses...

Photo Credit: Philippe Guilluime via flicker

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