Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Composite material earmarks?

Currently there is a $533 Billion dollar defense bill working its way through Washington. With defense being one of the brightest spots in the composite industry, it will be interesting to see where the money goes, and if any will fall with composite companies.

South Carolina's "The State" recently published an article, stating that approximately $200 million of this bill will be sent to their southern state. Of that:

- $3.3 million is set aside for AGY Holding Corp. of Aiken, SC for development of glass fiber ballistic armor

- $4 million is earmarked for Defense CS of Bamberg County, SC for development of antiballistic windshield armor

- $1.6 million is marked for Clemson University for purchase of microscopes and equipment to develop materials that will protect optical sensors on U.S. Navy ships and submarines

Although South Carolina has a strong presence in composites, in particular fibers, textiles, and fabrics, it is my guess that there will be a decent amount set aside for composite material companies.

Composite armor and UAVs are my guess to be the biggest winners...

Photo Credit: Tracy O via flicker

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